According to Auto car, don’t expect much of a visual update for the new Golf. This will be a relatively simple mid-life update, with tweaked front and rear bumpers, updated headlights with LED running lights, and freshened LED taillights. VW will likely focus on the interior, where the company will make more dramatic changes to keep the Golf fresh against increasingly tough competition in the compact market.

That will include Volkswagen’s version of Audi’s excellent Virtual Cockpit. A Volkswagen insider tells Auto blog the new system is called Volkswagen Digital Cockpit, while Auto car reports it will feature a 12.5-inch display. On top of Digital Cockpit, the report states that VW will update the Golf’s disappointing infotainment system with a new ­– and huge – 9.5-inch display for high-end models. Check out our coverage of the Golf R Touch concept from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show for an idea of what the gesture-capable system will look like.

It’s much more difficult to predict what kind of power train changes are coming to the US-market Golf. As a British pub, Auto car gets a bunch a fun, funky, and fuel-efficient power trains we won’t see in the US. In the UK, the Golf will get a 1.0-liter, turbocharged three-cylinder gas engine previously offered in the Up! and Polo, while VW shelved plans for petrol and diesel-powered, 1.5-liter four-cylinders. Here in the States, we’d bet on carryover power-trains, perhaps returned for more power or fuel economy.