The Yamaha Y-Z-F-R-3, known more commonly as the “R-3,” is  sport motorcycle that has been manufactured by Yamaha since 2015. A first  on Yamaha twins (the other being R-25), the R-3 uses an offset  cylinder design.

Design: The Yamaha R-3 is an entry level sport motorcycle,designed to compete with rivals in 300-cc segment, such as the Kawasaki Ninja 300, Honda C-B-R-300-R, and K-T-M 390 series. It is designed as a well-balanced sport motorcycle, with some design similarity to R-25, such as engine (which is bored out). With a low seat height, the well positioned windscreen sufficiently deflects the wind overhead. The 321 cc performance oriented engine is lightweight, powerful, and has a wide power band. Still, most of the power can be found from 7000 rpm to red-line (12,500 rpm approx.) which makes overtaking very easy while cruising at 75 mph. The engine uses a downdraft induction fuel injection system for easy startup and the 10-spoke wheels are made up of cast aluminum to reduce unsprung weight. The all-aluminum cylinders are designed for the purpose of dissipating heat quickly. For 2017, the Y-Z-F-R-3 offers the option of ABS which costs approximately $300 more than the standard variant. The 2018 Model has dual channel ABS. It is EURO IV compliant

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